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The KRATON 6S Speed Monster Truck will accelerate your bashing action beyond the limits. Experience blistering 6S brushless power and master the roughest off-road environments you can find. Fly through the air with the balance and control of a premium quality racing vehicle, and get all your pulse-racing RC bashing action with a Truck that really means business.

Тип шасси Монстр
Масштаб 1/8
Длина 590мм
Высота 195мм
Ширина 470мм
Вес 5кг
Электродвигатель BLX бесколлекторный 2050KV
Регулятор скорости 180A с поддержкой 6S - влагозащищенный
Рулевая машинка 15кг/см при 7.2В - влагозащищенная
Тип аккумулятора 4-6S LiPo (приобретается отдельно)
Аппаратура радиоуправления 2.4Ггц пистолетного типа
Шасси 3мм Анодированный алюминий
Резина dBoots Multi-Surface
Материалы Композит - Сталь - Алюминий - Пластик
Комплектация Пресобранный RTR
Необходимо доукомплектовать 4 x AA батарейки для передатчика, Аккумулятор LiPo 4-6S, Зарядное устройство

The KRATON 6S is built for the roughest terrains and engineered to conquer the most extreme RC challenges. If you are ready to unleash extreme BLX Brushless power, with the capability of running 6S LiPo Battery Cells straight from the box, the KRATON 6S is the vehicle for you.

If you demand blistering speed and race-capable handling, the KRATON 6S will allow you to attack any surface, in any conditions, including hitting the local race track to challenge your friends.

With ultra-aggressive styling and super-tough composite materials, the KRATON 6S will make you the instant envy of your RC friends. Loaded with a host of precision manufactured aluminium parts for reduced vehicle weight and fast servicing, the KRATON 6S will command any conditions, straight from the box.

The KRATON 6S Speed Monster Truck will allow you to break the boundaries of high-speed RC fun. Designed to provide a balanced but aggressive driving experience that can be easily mastered. From parking lot to club race track, the KRATON 6S will allow you to unleash awesome BLX Brushless power.

Your KRATON 6S Speed Monster Truck comes equipped with 2.4Ghz Radio technology, fully waterproof electronics, and high-traction all-terrain dBoots Tyres. Equipped with the on-board BLX Brushless 2050kv Motor and BLX180 waterproof ESC, the KRATON 6S is super-fast, no matter what the elements throw at you!

Equipped with huge dBoots multi-terrain Tyres, your KRATON 6S is able to attack any challenge. You will always feel perfectly in control, guiding your vehicle through the roughest environments with the supplied ARRMA ATX-100 2.4Ghz Radio Transmitter and ARX-100 Radio Receiver. If you are looking for a vehicle that will turn heads as it blasts away from the competition, the KRATON 6S was designed for you.

Grass, asphalt, dirt, mud and snow, the KRATON 6S Speed Monster Truck will provide breathtaking performance that will change the way you choose to have fun. Front and rear Sway Bars, combined with super-tough oil-filled Gear Diffs, allow the KRATON 6S to be easily tuned to suit a specific driving style or surface.

The KRATON 6S has the handling characteristics of a high-speed race Truck. This will provide responsive steering and throttle control in any conditions, allowing you to focus on hitting the highest jumps and smashing your previous speed records.

16mm Red anodised, aluminium body Shock Absorbers with race-specification Shock Pistons take care of the roughest surfaces. The KRATON 6S is capable of improving your driving skills as you learn more advanced vehicle set-up tricks.

Styled to be the vehicle that everybody is talking about, the KRATON 6S sports a super-tough Polycarbonate Body Shell with eye-catching pre-painted trim scheme.

The KRATON 6S is super-tough, ultra-fast and ready for any challenge. With a wide vehicle footprint and race specification suspension components, you will quickly discover new and exciting ways to drive.

When you launch from the ground, the KRATON 6S will provide consistent in-air performance. The equipped super-tough nylon Rear Wing and aerodynamic Body Shell styling means you will hit the ground ready for more 6S LiPo power.

Super-strong composite and hard-wearing steel are the foundation of the KRATON 6S. You will be capable of attacking huge jumps, blasting away your previous speed records, and handling the awesome 6S capable LiPo power as you command the most extreme conditions.

Hit the dirt, blast across the parking lot and back-flip off the ramps. Just add 4 x AA batteries in the Radio Transmitter and a 4S or 6S LiPo Battery Cells of your choice in the Chassis for unrivalled fun and excitement. Equipped with a fully adjustable Battery Tray, the KRATON 6S will allow you to choose 4S or 6S LiPo Battery Cells and tune their position to best suit your driving style.

Engineered to provide speed and durability, the KRATON 6S is equipped with a hard anodised black aluminium Chassis Plate and super-tough composite Chassis Braces. Your ARX-100 2.4Ghz Radio Receiver is housed inside a waterproof box. This unit includes a special Gasket that keeps the elements out when conditions are extreme.

A red anodised aluminium Motor Mount provides a solid and reliable mounting position for the BLX 2050kv Brushless Motor. Precision manufactured for fast and easy Motor fitting and servicing.

The KRATON 6S has been specially designed to provide carefully routed Motor and ESC wiring, incorporating clever Wire Clips to keep everything safe and secure during extreme RC action. Super-strong Chassis Side Guards help to reduce dirt and water ingress, meaning you can challenge any conditions, no matter how extreme. A specially designed interanl Roll-Cage will provide increased crash resistance during high-speed rolls. This tough composite frame also doubles as a handy carry handle when you want to lift the KRATON 6S.

Built for the most extreme RC action, the KRATON 6S is equipped with ultra-strong steel Drive Shafts and a super-durable steel centre Spur Gear. You can rely on the KRATON 6S to transfer the awesome 6S LiPo Battery power to the floor, creating amazing acceleration in all conditions.

The KRATON middle Diff unit is equipped with an ultra-tough steel Spur Gear for long-lasting durability and consistent Gear mesh set-up. You can tune all three Diff units with your choice of oil, allowing you to adjust the handling characteristics of your vehicle.

Servicing and tuning your KRATON 6S Differential units is fast and simple. You can access the front Diff by easily removing a few Screws. This means you can spend more time driving and less time wrenching. The BLX Brushless power will transfer smoothly and quickly thanks to these super-strong Gear Diff units.

The Black anodised front and rear aluminium Shock Towers incorporate multiple upper Shock Absorber mounting holes for fast and easy tuning adjustments in seconds.

Designed to be fast, designed to be tough. With durability and light-weight performance as key design features, the KRATON 6S is equipped with super-tough composite parts, meaning you can hit the terrain with confidence. The TYPHON 6S will allow you to push the limits of speed and performance, equipped with high-quality electronics that are capapble of handling 6S LiPo power, straight from the kit box.

Red anodised aluminium parts are used throughout the TYPHON 6S, adding cool ARRMA looks and consistent fitting and removal during servicing. Reduced weight in areas of the vehicle construction provide even greater power to weight performance, straight from the kit box.

The BLX Brushless 1/8 scale Motor features a red aluminium heat-sink to dissipate heat during high-performance bashing. With a rating of 2050kv, this ARRMA Motor is designed to provide breath-taking speed and super-efficient power control in any conditions.

The ARRMA BLX180 ESC is fully waterproof and features simple push-button programming for a fast and easy set-up. Capable of running up to 6S LiPo Battery Cells, with awesome control and cool operating temperatures, this 180A ESC unit will handle extreme power and super-fast speeds. The installed fan will force cool air across the electronic components to keep your KRATON 6S running smoothly, no matter what the conditions.

The ADS-15M Steering Servo benefits from metal gears and is fully waterproof. To provide fast and consistent steering response, the ADS-15M has 15KG/cm (208oz/inch) of torque at 7.2v. At 41x20x38 in size, this high-power Steering Servo is compact and capable.

The KRATON 6S is supplied with all-terrain dBoots Tyres and super-tough ARRMA multi-spoke black Wheels. Finding traction on the most challenging of surfaces is no problem, as the specially designed Copperhead tread pattern will transfer the power to the floor efficiently.

The ATX-100 Radio Transmitter and ARX-100 Radio Reciever will provide fast and consistent control for your ARRMA vehicle. Using 2.4Ghz technology, your ARRMA vehicle is controlled by a wheel and trigger style Radio Transmitter. Ideal for new RC users and experienced bashing fans alike. Adjustable steering and throttle trim will allow you to easily tune your control experience to suit your individual needs.